CNC Router Machine

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Mohammad, Damen
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Computer numeric control (CNC) machines are very important in industrial applications, they use computer controls to shape different materials such as soft materials, aluminum, steel, plastics. They are able to translate engineering designs consisting of specific numbers and letters to move the spindle or workpiece to various locations and depths, offering the ability to create complex shapes that would take a skilled craftsman much longer time. CNC’s had made revolutionary changes with in the manufacturing sector in before days achieving productivity up to the desired level was not possibilities due to lots of drawbacks like complication of shapes and sizes, lack of skilled labors, lots of wastages and scraps due to unexpected mistakes and low-quality levels and accuracy. This project will explain how the industrial CNC router machine is going to be build. Several aspects will cover in the project such as, the mechanical design parts and the material used to build the CNC router machine, the electric component and safety consideration and finally the programing part of the machine will be done and completed