Jannat Resort

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Emad, Helen
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project summery : Project Name: Jannat Tourist Resort Location: Jenin - Jannat - above Jannat park and restaurant Project concepts : The project is based on two main ideas. These two ideas will be combined with the benfits of the natural grasslands and trees in the area. They will be reserved to remove any of these trees and use them in design or redesign, if necessary. Second: an attempt to segrigation between the function of the hotel in addition to the entertainment center, that is, the project functional is a total of two projects within each other, where the city lacks such a comprehensive project So that the visitor can use the entertainment services in addition to the presence of suits in the huge hotel and putting of chalets are distributed at the foot of the mountain and a beautiful view. The project divides for more than one part that connecting and separating at the same time. So that the visitor can use the function of the hotel or the function of recreation and entertainment to enter and exit without affecting the privacy of the other, and on the other hand can be imbued with them, the idea is based on separation and connection at the same time. Project sections: contains a hotel with a private entrance and a number of chalets have an entrance and also amusement park It has restaurants and gymnasiums, as well as online playrooms, water games, exposed children's playgrounds, a track for electrons, a cinema, a sports games area and playgrounds.