Girl's Hostel

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Starting with Site & Location, the site was selected near An Najah university, in order to serve all students. The Typography of the site and the high slope connects us with the concept of Views. The Shape of the land leads to horizontal Orientation, which is tied with the view again. Designing a residential building is always connected to the Context, so looking at the surrounding Vernacular Architecture, flat roofs overwhelm on the environment. Concept: The 250-student building is designed to accommodate a diverse community that supports the individual and at the same time creates a university student complex where students can live, study and socialize. Each student enjoy independence, privacy, view, and other private and shared services, which makes this student residential complex integrated and vital. this design One building to reinforce the idea of unity among the students. An indoor recreational courtyard directed towards the view towards the mountain The northern courtyard provides natural lighting and ventilation for the residential rooms. The courtyard is surrounded by 8 retracted floors with green balconies. The project included social spaces Variety starts with a gym, social and recreational spaces, and individual and group study spaces.