Assessment and Retrofitting of adding two additional stories for optical and nursing college building.

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DeyaaMostafa Al-Jada
HozifaHussam Abo-Nama
Mohammad YousfHamdan
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An increasing need of new classes rooms in Optical and Nursing collage at An-Rajah National University tends the collage to vertical expansion policy. This project comes to determine how many additional storeys can add. It will cover analysis the existing building-structural elements and, analysis the building structural element after adding the three additional stories. This study includes gravitation and dynamic analysis in addition to include some of supported methods for columns and foundation if they require.At the end of  the project we expected to :1-Give an analysis study of existing building according to ACI 318-14 and compare it with design drawing.2-Determine the numbers of storey that the building can bear due to gravity and earthquake loads.Using SAP2000 program to analysis and design the building, AutoCAD to drawing the plans for the buildings, ACI318-14 as a reference in analysis, and  ASCE 10-7 with some information from Jordanian National codes for loads to estimate the loads.Before dynamic analysis we concluded that:All slabs reinforcement and thickness are founded adequate for all stresses developed from all load assigned to them before and after adding the two additional storey. Beams are not reinforced with suitable area of steel for both negative and positive moments before adding any storey. The beams reinforcement for shear is adequate for all shear values in beams before and after adding storey. All shear walls are adequate for axial and moments loads developed before and after adding storey. For columns, they can carry three additional storey without any problem. After dynamic analysis :It is found that after adding two additional storey the columns will be failed in carries the second floor. Adding additional storey make some failure in footings within soil settlement and bearing capacity.   
  . .            . SAP2000 ACI318-14  10-7 ASCE . :  -   .- .- (shear wall) . : .     .    ( FRP)  .