The level of awareness about osteoporosis among women aged over 35 years old

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Manar Yameen
Faten Qandous
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Osteoporosis is a reduction of bone density and a change in bone structure, both of which increase susceptibility to fracture, that occur in the women more than in men related to many causes, such as changes in hormones especially during menopause (Smeltzer,S.(2008)). The aim of this study is to examine the level of awareness, and knowledge of risk factors of osteoporosis in a sample of Palestinian women, and to evaluate the factors related to their knowledge, and organize effective education programs. Methods: in this correlation descriptive study, a four- page structured questionnaire with direct interviews was developed to address study objectives; it includes clear, specific questions that measures the level of awareness of risk factor associated with osteoporosis among a sample of women age over 35 years selected by convenience sampling. Questionnaire consists of four parts (1st demographic data, 2nd general information, 3rd lifestyle, 4th nutrition related to Osteoporosis). Results: A total of 200 women were included in this study , 265 was the level of knowledge about Osteoporosis ,76.5 % women had correctly identify the Osteoporosis disease .there was no significance relationship between age and level of awareness about Osteoporosis, the level of knowledge among women aged 55 and over the same of women less than 55 years also there was positive relationship between level education and level of awareness about Osteoporosis . Conclusion: Our study is done to measure the level of awareness about Osteoporosis among a sample of women above 35 years selected by convenience sampling, who were resident of Nablus Knowledge about Osteoporosis among women is low, and majority of women are unaware of the risk factors and consequences of Osteoporosis. The study show the positive relationship between increase educational level with increased level of awareness about Osteoporosis. (Palestine IOF, 2010). And according to study conducted in India showed that they are no relationship between age and level of awerness.(Pande 2005). In our opinion that women’s inaccurate or insufficient knowledge and their negative attitude to the preventive action and their weak practice in case of prevention, it is the responsibility of healthy policy worker and medically association to plane for Osteoporosis education and prevention initiative. Public health strategies should be aimed at improving the calcium intake to women, and to make appreciated life style changes such as exposure to sun light, physical activity
osteoporosis, awareness, risk factors, education, Postmenopausal women.