Organizing relationship between The Owner and Contractor involved in Construction project at Palestine

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Maw`ed Abu Shamleh
Malaak Hamaydi
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Construction sector in Palestine suffers from many problems, problems in management, problems in safety; problems come from the Israeli occupation that has the worst effect on the construction sector, and problems that occur between the parties of the construction project.The relationship between the parties especially between the owner and contractor and the disputes that occur between them and the causes of this disputes is the problem of our research that take our minds to looking for a possible solution to reduce this disputes and enhance the relationship between them.1.4 Project objective:Successful project often hinges on the relationship between owners and contractors. Any disconnect between the two quickly result in budget overruns and delays. So it is very important to organize and foster this relationship, which is the aim of this project. The main objective of our project is to organize the relationship between parties to avoid conflicts in the future, to support our purpose we should Investigate familiarity of the two parties with the rules implemented by ((FIDIC)), owner and contractor must read ((FIDIC)), know their rights and responsibilities to avoid conflicts in future projects, we aim to enhance the familiarity of the two parties in ((FIDIC)).We must take into consideration that the strong relationship between contractors and owners starts with a series of best practices. The principles behind the best practices are designed to balance the owner/contractor relationship. They are several of the important steps toward4optimizing plant maintenance. When put into practice, these principles create a safer, more productive plant environment. The owner/contractor management teams must apply flexibility in the daily decision-making processes. Still, daily activities must be planned and documented with expectations to help ensure a successful outcome. Although owners and contractors may have different perceptions on project management for construction, they have a common interest in creating an environment leading to successful projects in which performance quality, completion time and final costs are within prescribed limits and tolerances.