The Prevalent Mathematical Thinking Aspects of the Third Graders in Jordan

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Mohammed Al-Absi
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This study aimed at examining the prevalent mathematical thinking aspects of the third graders in Jordan. The sample of the study consisted of (346) students (190 males and 156 females) representing 9 sections of the third grade of UNRWA schools in Irbid area. A Mathematical Thinking Test was developed which represented the following aspects: Generalization, Induction, Deduction, Symbolism, Modeling, and Conjecture. The test was administered on the study sample and the SPSS program was used to analyze the data and to answer the study questions. The study results revealed that the mathematical thinking aspects regarding the degree of acquisition were categorized as follow: Induction, Symbolism, Conjecture, Deduction, Modeling, and Generalization. The percentage of students who acquired the mathematical thinking aspect was (54.1 %) of the study sample. Results of the study also indicated that there were no statistically significant differences in the students' acquisition of the mathematical thinking that were attributed to their gender.