An Integrated Redesign of Ayesh Center in Ramallah City

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Eid, Israa
Nairat, Rawand
Najjar, Sara
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In business sector, people spend most of their daytime at work and interact with others. Hence, the office buildings and commercial buildings should be design and equipped to be comfortable and suitable to serve all the employee’s needs. In addition to that, the good designing for commercial building can be considered as attraction point for shopping. This Graduation Project has been dealt with an integrated re-designing for an office building. The building has re-designed to be a multi-functional building that contain commercial, shopping and restaurants areas, since the property of the building is a private and it’s more efficient to design the building in that way. The main objective of this project is to design an office-commercial building that achieve safety, comfort and suitable atmosphere for its occupants and users starting with architectural modifications which ensure providing suitable areas and spaces for accommodate multi-functions there. While structural design is ensuring that the safety and serviceability is accepted in the structure. Whereas, the Environmental modifications are fulfilling the comfort with its various types such as thermal, acoustical, lightening and indoor air quality in the building. The building has been designed in an integrated manner between the all necessary engineering systems. To fulfill the aforementioned objective, it was necessary to make a deep analysis of the building, collect data about the spaces that must exist in this type of buildings as specifications and do comparison with case studies that functionally similar. As a result of the full analysis, the re-design process has been run directly to achieve all objectives of the building. The re-design process for all building aspects has been achieved using some computer software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Etabs, Design Builder, INSUL, EASE, DIALux, PVsyst and Lumion. To manage the redesign process in the best way, site analysis is the first step that allow the designer to realize the nature land topography and surrounding environment. On this redesign project, this step mainly affects on the environmental design, which include ventilation, natural lighting and acoustics. In addition, that affects on the internal distribution of the spaces. Architectural re-design is the second step that must totally done as standard and specifications to serve all building users. As for the structural design, it has been done according to soil structure and seismic analysis. At this stage some computer software are necessary to done a safely design. After that, it’s time for HVAC and mechanical design that includes drainage and water supply. These two systems are better to go in conjunction because some HVAC extensions will reach the mechanics pipes. Then, Electrical design has been introduced. It contains lighting, power and control panel design. Finally, building safety is very important, so fire system has been designed in all details such as emergency exits and alarm system. At the end of the project, the outputs of our project have been considered as an integrated re-design for all engineering systems without any conflict between them which recommended in this type of buildings. All results will be detail in a report, drawings and bill of quantity.