dc.contributor.advisorRaed Jaber
dc.contributor.authorSa'ed Qariab
dc.contributor.authorMos'ab Naffa
dc.description.abstractAbstractThe world is getting bigger and bigger, and the technology is invading the globe to comfort the human being, and technology still seeking new products to make life much and much easier, and we as engineers this is one of our tasks.  Every day we hear the word 'smart' in everything that the technology has produced such like Smart phone, Smart car and Smart TV, so why not a Smart shoe ? Okay, we are going to make a Smart shoe ! Yes it's that simple, a smart shoe that would lead you to any place you want to go, of course by using help from the Smart phones. Our project would revolve about coming with a prototype for a smart shoe that could pair with Smart phones by using Bluetooth, to reach the navigational information through a mobile app to get these information and instruction from Google map's database. In a matter of fact, this smart shoe could give indications for the user of this shoe when and where to take a turn and also the type of the turn. All these indications would be relayed by six vibrating  units (motors) placed inside the shoe in the six directions up ,down, left, right ,front and back ,these units would take the instruction through a microcontroller located inside the shoe,  that already would be paired with a smart phone by Bluetooth. So we designed the whole project block diagram and the circuits for each section of the diagram as a complete system. Thus, the data for navigation will be taken from the Google's map database  and processed by the mobile App and transmitted through the Bluetooth to the microcontroller to give instructions for the vibration units  to guide the user for the desired route.    We made some calculation for the power consumption and for the sizes for the components. The results were satisfying, where we can use the shoe up to one day , and  the components can fit in the shoe as we aiming to build a prototype with regular items.     en
dc.description.abstract   GPS  .  GPS ( , , , , , ) , , , .  .   ar
dc.titleSMART SHOEen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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