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Alaa Ajaj
Zeina Barboor
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To make our lives easier. We thought about making transportation better in our country. Recently, we noticed that there are many buses in our cities, but passengers still have problems knowing where the bus is, when it will arrive at the stop, and many other issues. So, we came up with a project to help solve these transportation problems. So, our project is about creating a comprehensive bus transportation management system that caters to the needs of three distinct user groups: drivers, passengers, and managers of bus companies. This innovative system aims to make transportation easier for passengers who use the app. The mobile application will primarily cater to passengers and drivers. Drivers are presented with a user-friendly interface that showcases their profile information, a detailed list of registered trips they will be driving, and notifications from the bus company's management. They have the ability to share their live location to enhance communication and safety, as well as send alerts to both passengers and the company, with these alerts serving to convey crucial information related to the passengers' trips. For example, if there's a delay or a change in the route, the driver can send an alert to inform passengers promptly. These alerts will be sent to all passengers on the particular trip, ensuring everyone is informed simultaneously. Passengers can displays their profile information, view a list of available trips, including essential trip details such as departure and arrival times, and a list of bus stops along the route, have the ability to track their current journey in real-time using location tracking on a map, estimated time of arrival at their destination, and the upcoming bus stops, for common bus stops, passengers can see all buses passing through, even if they belong to different trips, can provide feedback directly to the bus company's management allows passengers to report any issues, suggest improvements, or share their travel experience, can choose from various payment methods to purchase tickets for their chosen trips, can manage their digital wallet within the app, receive notifications from the bus company's management, keeping them informed about any service updates, changes in schedules, or important announcements. Additionally, they can receive real-time alerts from drivers regarding trip-related information, have the option to mark certain stations as favorites, allowing them to easily access and view the trips that pass through these stations, without having to search for them again, can access detailed information about bus stops. The web portal will be for bus company managers that they have comprehensive control over the entire system. They can effortlessly add, delete, and update information regarding buses, drivers, trips, tickets, and their corresponding prices. Furthermore, they can closely monitor financial transactions, ensuring transparency and accuracy in revenue management. Our system represents a pivotal shift towards smarter, more accessible urban mobility, ultimately benefiting the broader community. There is no such application like this in the West Bank, but in Occupied Territories and other countries, they have an app called 'Moovit' that they use to track buses and trips.