Electrical Energy Planning for The West Bank Under Uncertainties

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Nidal Lafi Said
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At present Israel supplies approximately 97% of total electrical energy consumption in the West Bank of Palestine and approximately 13% of total population are completely or partially non-electrified. Electrical energy prices per kWh to consumers are very high. Electricity system is not reliable with many occasions of electricity service interruptions. Electrical energy consumption per capita is very low and technical losses are high. This study aims to put a technical strategic plan for the electricity sector in the West Bank of Palestine, in order to ensure supplying reliable least- cost and clean electricity service to all people. This study addresses this technical strategic plan in three stages. The first stage involves the formulation of four different scenarios of maximum power demand and energy consumption in the West Bank for the period 1999-2020, based upon aggregate analysis of population dynamics and general domestic product (GDP) per capita. The second stage involves the formulation of four different scenarios of generation planning in the West Bank for the period 2001-2020, based upon the integration between the four power demand scenarios, different fuel types and different generation units. Also each of the four generation scenarios was examined and analyzed based on financial and Cost Benefit analysis. The final stage examines the effect of implementing the demand side management programs (DSM) on the electricity sector, in terms of cost, benefit, reliability and pollution.
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