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Abu Baker, Dania
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• The idea of the project is based on the design of non-traditional spaces open to the outside (interconnection between the inside and outside) so that students interact from different degrees and enable them to share their ideas and projects and the exchange of skills and expertise and work spaces of their own. Therefore: • The focus was on the studios as the most important function in which the student spends most of the educational process, and because the architect is always in need for a source of creativity was provided by nature as a source of the artistic and architectural inspiration, the idea was to create an internal atmosphere open to the outside with glass areas distributed in a thoughtful manner and given in return Solid spaces to show the beauty of the contradiction in composition. Design Strategy: • Two main axes of the project were adopted from the main landline lines and each axis representing a particular function. • Axis represents the educational part with its spaces and functions and the other axis represents the entertainment segment and both was linked with bridges and squares.