Faculty Staff and Students Assessments of the Graduate Programs at Al-Quds University

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Mohammad Abdeen
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This study aimed at determining the present status of the graduate programs at Al-Quds University as well as their problems as perceived by faculty staff and students. Results showed that staff and students gave high evaluation degrees for the graduate programs in the fields of graduate studies goals, contents, and teaching and learning styles, and moderate degrees in the fields of evaluation, staff, and policies. Both groups gave low degrees for the programs in the field of program facilitation. As identified by staff, the graduate studies problems were mainly the absence of substantial and research facilitation and weak relationship with development needs; while from the students’ viewpoints, those problems were high tuition, absence of substantial and research facilitation, offering some courses once a year, and unconsideration of students evaluation of programs and courses. The study recommended that an overall review of graduate programs be undertaken, substantial support be offered, development-related student research be encouraged and supported, and more concern about the library be paid.