Smart Car Robot

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Shahd Abdulhaq
Mai Abushamma
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Our Project is a smart car robot called Ruby; Ruby is a robotic car that analysis its surrounding by detecting obstacles, dealing with sign traffics and light traffics. The car will also respond differently according to previously defined colors by making a specific action based on the detected color.In this project we will have two modes, manual and autonomous. The movement in the manual mode will be user issued where the user will be able to provide a set of instructions for movements and directions.In the autonomous mode, the processor issues the instructions based on a set of external inputs such as webcam and sensors. These inputs are transmitted into the microcontroller through serial interface.We describe a project that introduces the field of image processing into embedded systems and robotics, as a part of the PC On-Chip concept. The main goal of this project is to build a fun entertainment smart car robot dealing with robotics and embedded systems.Projects in the same area exist but we will make our best to deliver something different.