Paving machine

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Akram Al Madmouj
Zaid kalboneh
Mohmmed Othman
Ehsan Zeer
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The project is aiming to build a machine that will be used for paving the sidewalks with small bricks . Using this machine may make it possible to save time, because it is faster than paving the sidewalksusing workers. In addition may save money by reducing the required number of workers significantly. A paving machine was first made in Netherlands and was first used there too. In our project we want tobuild a similar machine but including some improvements like brushes,compactor and sand box.Outline of the project: 1.      Data and information gathering : to gather the important information about the machine , parts and1.      devices we are going to use.2.      Design : The most important stage of the project. In this stage we will sketch the parts and plan for3.      the machine building. 4.      Finishing : putting the last touch on the project . To finish the project before the deadline.