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رناد, الديك
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The goal of the project, which is the car rental system, is to provide a suitable environment for the user, whether in Palestine or a tourist from outside Palestine, so that he can reserve a car from the site while he is sitting at his home without the need to visit the company to reserve the car. Thus, the goal is for the company to be the link between the user and the company, whereby the user chooses the vehicle that suits him according to his request and based on the specifications he wants. Where the company collects all the rental companies with the user and this saves the rental companies instead of each rental company making a site for it and this costs a lot of money, so programming designers need a large amount of money to design the site, instead of that the user only downloads the application from the designated place Therefore, he or she subscribes to the site and the company pays a certain token amount to the site in order to issue its ads. Then, the user sees the ads and sends a request to the company to reserve the car. The company looks into the reservation and accepts or rejects it. In addition, the company has done what is called translation so that any tourist can easily make a car reservation on the site.