Evaluation and Redesign of Howara Street

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Abedasslam B Farhat
Samer H Odeh
Izzadeen F Khaleel
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This project deals with a highly important corridor Howara Street. Howara Street is currently a Two-Way Two-Lane highway. However, this highway lies in a very critical position; it is considered one of the vital corridors that links the north of the West Bank Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarem, Qalqilyah with the middle and the south of the West Bank Ramallah, Jerusalem, Hebron. (See Figure 1-1). Moreover, it lies in the middle of a dense Israeli activities and it is the major connection between the Israeli settlements and the south. The part of corridor under consideration in this project crosses Howara town that has appreciable commercial activities, which gives it the urban characteristics. Nevertheless, this part contains a number of significant access points that serve a group of surrounding towns Beita, Awarta, Odala, Aqraba, Osarin, Urif, Einabus, and Jammain, . And this segment of the corridor lies in a level terrain.Consequently, all these factors contribute to create many problems and constrains that range from politically related constrains to structural design challenges. Because of the Israeli occupation there is very limited possibility to impose several physical control, therefore, this highway has high accident rate at several locations; the several access points with the high traffic volume contributes to this problem as well. Moreover, this highway lacks a good geometric design; for instance, the highway has many bottlenecks that result in a traffic congestion in repeated fashion. Because of the urban characteristics of the highway, the encroachments from the pedestrians and from the commercial activities will contribute to the congestion problem. On the other hand, the terrain and soil problems in some areas result in a structural damage to the pavement after the wet season and water ponding during the winter.Hence, the management and the design of this highway will face many challenging problems that urgently need to be solved. So this will start with the evaluation of the current situation of the highway and with the assessment of the level of service of the operating traffic on it and finding the optimal solution for these problems and constrains. It also will consider a detailed design of the key intersections. Additionally, it will consider an appropriate design for the drainage system that deals with water on the highway and with the proper drainage facilities