Towards a Smart City: GEO-Apps Utilization in the Zababdeh village Palestine

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Shatha Mohammad Hashem Zeid Al Kilani
Abdul-Rahman Majed Naji Nasser
Batool Nasem Noeman Isayed
Jumanah Shaheen Mahmoud Bsharat
Ibrahim Baker Ibrahim Abu Hijleh
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Smart city is a new concept for developing region which has high progress in economic, political and cultural fields. Our project works as a smart city by applying geo application technology in a zababdeh village to solve some environmental problems. The municipality members asserted that the village suffers from waste problem which represented by construction waste and full container waste, that cause pollutions in the environment, spreading insect and some diseases.In an attempt of solving these problems, we as a researchers applied some geo applications that are:Geo form: this is used to collect social data about people in Zababdeh, this application help them to collect data easily without any need to go to the field,  and it will conserve time and money.Elevation profile: this tool helps to generate an elevation profile for line features in the map or for lines drawn using the measure tool, it is very important in excavation process in road construction which will help in cut and fill calculation. Mobile app : this application used  to improve the connection between people and Al Zababdeh municipality in a smart form with using the principle of GIS (connect the data with location), people can use the app to take photo of any engineering problem and enter data about the problem then the app will automatically specifies the location of the taken photo. The photo, data and location will directly transform to a web site that the municipality engineer can see the problem sent on a web map with entered information.       Smart water distribution network: A web map display the WDN for Al-Zababdeh town as a map with information about the element of the map (pipes, valves, municipality meters, consumption meters), so it can be used by engineers in analyses process of the water network.  Socialweb app:Web AppBuilder is an app consist of a map that we enter information about something and the app will provide us with a map illustrate these information in a simple and easy way. We use this app to create a web map of Al-Zababdeh provides social information about each building in the town 
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