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Shtewi, Hala
Alhaj, Heba
Hanaysheh, Shaima
Odeh, Sondoss
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Fennel is used as an herb for cooking and also as an important ingredient in various medicines throughout the world. Moreover, this plant has been investigated extensively for several medicinal and therapeutic activities and has been reported for possessing, flavoring, antioxidant, antibacterial, carminative, antifungal, and mosquito repellent properties. The essential oil collected from seeds has been used to treat colic in infants. The main objective of this project is to know what phytochemicals such as alkaloids, phenols, flavonoids, tannins, saponins present in the fennel plant, and this was done by many steps. First, the plant was grinding, then extracted with ethanol. Each phytochemical family has its ownQualitative test such as alkaloids, phenols, flavonoids, tannins, and saponins. The final conclusion is in harmony with literature and emphasize that fennel have many phytochemicals like alkaloids, phenols, flavonoids, tannins, and saponins. The phytochemical screening of the plant plays an important role for pharmaceutical studies especially discovering new potensial drugs for treatment of various diseases. At recent days, there are many diseases and health problems that need to be treated, major part of people resorts to the use of chemically synthesized medicines. To the most of their problems, they find the answer in using medicinal natural herbs. The main idea of the project was to carry out anti-oxidant using DPPH test. Amid continuous closure, the work plan is changed toward carrying out qualitative phytochemical tests. This is to emphasize the presence of different chemical families in fennel herb. This study evaluates the antioxidant activity of the Fennel by conducting qualitative tests to emphasize the presence of different families that have anti-oxidants effect.. This can be done by extracting the bioactive ingredients then these extracts are subjected to proper tests. Another objective is also concentrates on the medicinal uses of the Fennel. The positive and negative sides of using the oil of Fennel then the medicinal uses of it. Another purpose of this study is to show the optimal conditions for extraction of fennel seeds to produce bioactive rich extracts, such as - polyphenols and flavonoids