The Development of Rotylenchulus Reniformis and Tylenchulus Semipenetrans, on Grape Roots

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S.A. Sultan
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The results showed that the average numbers of eggs per an egg mass of R. Reniformis and T. Semipenetrans were 84 and 36 eggs, and the eggs hatched after 6 and 7 days respectively. The durations of the life cycle were 30 and 41 days, respectively. Life cycles were divided into migratory and sedentary phases. The migratory phase (soil phase) of R. reniformis was not parasitic and lasted for about 21 days; while that of T. semipenetrans was parasitic and lasted for about 31 days. The sedentary phase of both nematodes was parasitic and lasted for about 9 and 10 days for R. reniformis and T. semipenetrans respectively. Only the young females of R. reniformis were the infective stages; while all larval stages and young females of T. semipenetrans were able to penetrate root tissues.