Fully Automated Greenhouse

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Mohammad Masqala
Musab Adwan
Abdulrahman Shahrour
Remah Odeh
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Agriculture has long been considered an inferior, traditional occupation, as some people think of it as a mental image of a farmer carrying a shovel or sickle, or turning the soil and planting seedlings in his field. But far from this stereotype of the farmer, agriculture is one of the areas that have always sought to improve and develop itself by making use of different technologies. Agriculture is one of the oldest professions ever, originated about 10,000 years ago. We can say that agriculture was a technological innovation and a technical revolution of the first order, which has gone through multiple stages to become more productive, and today it is on the cusp of a completely new revolution. This project aspires to provide greenhouses with practical methods to control and monitor crop growth conditions. The automated greenhouse in this project is meant for research use, meaning that the greenhouse is somewhat small, about 5 m x 3 m. To reach the goal of automating this greenhouse. Some steps were followed: defining the internal greenhouse environmental conditions desired to be under control. After that, investigating the necessary sensors in the local market and testing them followed by installing them. Finally, studying and seeking methods to control and adjust the agricultural desired conditions by applying a software application into a micro-controller. This research greenhouse was provided with sensors and actuators; to monitor and control the growth conditions of lettuce crops, such as temperature and humidity sensors, light intensity sensors, and soil humidity sensors. In addition to that, the greenhouse was provided with a fogging system, shading system, irrigation, and fertilization system; so these plants will be cultivated in an ideal atmosphere. To test the system’s efficiency: the system was operated during a rainy day to where the greenhouse parameters were recorded where the average temperature was 15.23°C, humidity 96.75%, and light intensity 2115 lux which were gained after averaging the results from Table 4.1. The main objectives of this project were the following: • Preparation of the greenhouse to plant lettuce in an ideal atmosphere and note the difference between cultivation between automated systems to create the appropriate climate and plants in a normal climate. • Control of automated system by mobile phone using Internet of things.