Nablus General Hospital

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A general hospital in the city of Nablus located in the eastern region due to the great lack of medical services there. The idea of the project revolves around the merging of Two methods for green areas in hospitals at The internal and external space, which affects the patient’s psyche and thus helps in treatment. The two blocks express the medical and psychological side of the healing process. The hospital has four entrances and exits from the ground floor and the first floor and underground garages And a rear exit for the deaths. The vertical movement has been taken into account by placing several types of elevators, including services, employees and visitors And for patients, in addition to escape drawers and ramp for evacuating patients on hospital beds. The section demonstrates the realization of the idea of the design through retreats on some floors in the space Interior to create an internal green environment from these retreats in addition to the external green areas on The roofs of receding blocks. Above the interior space there is dynamic cover that helps control the amount of lighting and air entering On the void. The relationship between the general hospital's spaces and the needs of the areas it serves has been studied The hospital has approximately 250