Investigating the Implementation of Quality Function Deployment in Cartoon Industry

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Mohammed Tanbour
Moath Sholi
Taha Beshtawi
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  Abstract   The aim of this project is to build a structured approach to product development through the House of Quality (HOQ) with application to carton products in the National Cartoon Industry Company Ltd. (NCI). The project procedure and Quality Function Deployment (QFD) implementation process was started by identifying customers requirements and expectations from NCI cartoon products and their importance. Various relationships between these expectations and the corresponding technical requirements to satisfy them were determined in addition to the correlation between technical requirements themselves. To recognize the real differences between NCI products and the Israeli competitors products, a planning matrix was designed. This matrix shows in what aspects the NCI products quality is exceeded by the Israeli products in addition to the proposed level of customers satisfaction NCI hypothesize to reach. Depending on the importance and relationships between customers needs and technical specifications and between technical specifications themselves, the whole HOQ matrix was build. The output of this matrix is a set of scores suggesting the most important technical that should be controlled in order to satisfy the customers requirements. After performing HOQ matrix quantitative analysis, it is clear that the quality of glue used and the cutting blades renewal are the most important technical specification that should be controlled and monitored to ensure cartoon products quality toward continuous quality improvements as a part of TQM.