Quad podtransformable vehicle

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Ala Lahham
Leena Talalweh
Basmah AbdAlrahman
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Project Description Statement of the problem:-     This project is to design a special vehicle that transforming to quadpod which is four leg walking robot. The purpose is to overcome obstacles that car cannot go through. Objectives:-      We believe this project is important because this scaled version of vehicle can access places (mountain and bumpy roads) that the vehicle cannot get through with typical wheels. This project merely shows the basic concept of the transformable vehicle but it may help the vehicle to be used in more various situations in the future. The main goal is to make a miniature vehicle that can be transformed into the Quadpod, the vehicle with four legs, when it meets an obstacle that can't be overcome with typical wheels. The obstacle could be any place difficult to move by vehicle but we're mainly focusing on rough unpaved road or hill. The project will consist 4 legs (2 on each side), which will only be activated when the vehicle is in Quadpod mode and use it to overcome obstacle.  Scope of the work:-    Our project mainly focus on transforming from vehicle mode to quadpod mode and how to keep the project balanced in both modes. The project can be used in many ways like moving on rough roads, hills, and forests. It also can be used in hard situations like in a fire incident to search for people inside the building without the need for humans to get inside (this can be done by adding a camera to the robot).            Benefits:--   Vehicle can overcome obstacles such as bumpy road, mountain, jungle and forest, which typical car can't get through. -   The vehicle can sense obstacles by using touch sensor in the bumper so that it can automatically transform. -   Both car mode and Quadpod mode are fully controllable by user interface. -   Multifunctional vehicle for multipurpose use. -   Forcefully transformable when driver desires. Organization:-      We organized the project in the way the ABET asked for as follow, we started with the introduction as the first chapter to talk about the project briefly. Then, for the second chapter we added the constrains and code/standards related to the project. After that we wrote the literature review as the third chapter which talk about some paper and research we did about our project. Then the fourth chapter was the methodology which we talked about the project in details and showed what components we are using for our project . then we summarized all the collected data in the fifth chapter under the results and analysis subject. Then in the sixth chapter we discussed subjects about the project briefly. Finally, in the seventh chapter we wrote the conclusion about our project.
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