Nablus Cultural Center

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Najem, Aya
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Summary: CONCEPT ANALYSIS *Establish the project without ignoring the historical background of the area to benefit of site resource. - rehabilitation of historical building in site. - Reuse it as interpretation center. * a new focal point located at the way of two busy pedestrian and vehicle axes. *how to attract people? - by directing the flow through the project - make it easy to notice activities " at the same time conserve other activities privacy such as library, classes , ... etc. - increases the use of social spaces. * Sustainable Approach. - develop the site using sustainable approach by turning temporary commercial buildings to multi-layer greenery. -green courtyard system , the green roofs and other sustainable principles and solutions. *Entrances to the site. -easily accessible. *create the physical mass of the theater in the site supports the landmark quality within the urban scale. *Variety of activities are designed to be accessible for public use by anyone who passes through the project.