Automatic Class Attendance System Based On Face Detection And Recognition

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Berawi, Ala
Makhlof, Sujod
Hanani, Samah
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Human face detection and recognition is an important technology and has been used in various application. This abstract reports student attendance system. Since every school, college, And library attendance is mandatory. Traditional method for taking attendance during lectures such as calling student name and recording the attendance, is a waste of time when done by hand. To avoid these losses, we use automatic attendance system which depends an image processing face detection and recognition. The student data base is collected. The data base includes name of the student, their images and number. The camera will be connected to the Raspberry pi module. This Raspberry pi module will be installed at the front side of class in such a way that we can capture entire class. Thus with the help of this system. Time will be saved and we can take attendance at any time