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  • Down Syndrome Center 

    ALAWNEH, MAYSAA (2022)
    Education in this era is no longer directed at ordinary children only, but rather targets even the extraordinary with special needs who are able to learn, including those who are mentally retarded, in order to work on ...
  • Down Syndrome Rehabilitation Center 

    SAWAFTAH, HALA (2022)
    Down Syndrome Center is a rehabilitation and vocational training center for children with Down Syndrome, to provide them with the appropriate environment to help them integrate into society and to create effectiveness ...
  • National Military University 

    KMAIL, HANAN (2022)
    GRADUATION PROJECT Location: Telfeet-Jenin Area: 180,000 m2 Description: Following the concept of the formal characteristics of military architecture, a grid of two main axes was made across the site to form smaller ...
  • Business Incubator 

    SAMARA, MYASSAR (2022)
    Business incubator is an organization that helps startup companies and individual entrepreneurs to develop their businesses by providing a fullscale range of services starting with management training and office space ...
  • Student Center 

    A student center is a place devoted to student recreation and socialization, serving students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. A student activity center offers a variety of programs, activities, services, and ...
  • Youth Center 

    RAJAB, LENDA (2022)
    This is my graduation project in An-Najah National University. It is located in the western region of Nablus. Many universities and schools.... assemble in this areas. Therefore the proportion of young people is good and ...
  • Virtual Reality Repository 

    Technology drives our evolution it is Humanity's future, the last 200 years proved that, back in the day before the industrial era humans evolved slowly, Thousands of Years could go by and do still see barely any progress, ...
  • ARD Complex 

    NIMER, QASIM (2022)
    Agriculture has been the main driving sector in living generations for ages, and it is the necessary key to the survival of all living things. Plantations have allowed mankind to develop and grow. It would be the primary ...
  • The Village Of BATTIR Resort 

    SHRAIM, ZAHRA (2022)
    Battir Village Resort As Battir is in the World’s Heritage list the main concept of the project is to combine the site needs of tourism development and to develop the economic status of the city plus creating all of this ...
  • Go to Grow Hub 

    ENNAB, LAMIA (2022)
  • Central Mall 

    KHALIL, MAHMOUD (2022)
    My graduation project entitled (Commercial Center - Commercial Center), which was proposed in the city of Nablus in the Wadi Al-Tuffah area along Haifa Street, where this area constitutes the residential and commercial ...
  • Mountain Resort 

    SABRI, KHAWLA (2022)
    My project is a tourist mountain resort in the village of Balaa-Rasheen - East Tulkarm district - the project area is 65 acres - the site I chose is distinguished by its strategy and its distinct view towards the west on ...
  • SAED SAYEH Hospital 

    BADER, SAED (2022)
    The general hospital consists of several main parts, which are the services part, the dormitories part, and the departments part in general. In particular, the hospital consists of reception areas distributed at the entrances ...
  • World Trade Center 

    ABUBAKER, RAHAF (2022)
  • TAL ALHAWA Mountain Resort 

    RAWAJBE, AMAL (2022)
    The mountain resort is located at the top of a mountain called “ Tal al-Hawa” according to the locals, which overlooks the steep mountain’s “ bilal’s mountains” covered with abra trees and at the same time overlooks the ...
  • Nablus Cultural Center-Abstract-EN 

    ABD-RAZEQ, IMAN (2022)
    Cultural center Proceeding from the principle of culture is life and because this ability is the ability to grow. And the cultural ties that link the events and activities carried out by these centers, including ...
  • Physictherapy Center 

    RAIE, HAYA (2022)
    The main concept of the centre is to provide medical treatment services, in addition to the fact that it is used as a resort (to stay in), it consists of: examination, detection and providing the suitable treatment for ...
  • Children's Creativity Center 

    BAHISH, BATOOL (2022)
    Concept What makes childhood remarkable? What puts a smile on your face when remembering yourself as a child? … Experiences. Those tiny adventures that gave us moments of realization in the depth of imaginary, and a ...
  • Shopping Mall 

    JOUDA, MAI (2022)
    The west bank lacks the real malls, and with citizen’s social awareness and needs it became essential to have comprehensive commercial and entertainment place. So, we should focus on investing in these types of commercial ...
  • Private School 

    My graduation project “ Youth Rehabilitation Center (for orphans and those without family care)” Location : In general the site is located in the western extension of nablus and to the east of tulkarm , on nablus - ...

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