Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 26

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
The Mecca Accord which was signed between Fateh and Hamas led to ‎some agreements. The ‎most important is the agreement on the formation ‎of a unity government that would lead to a ‎relief from the crisis that ‎Palestinians have been going through for more than one year.‎ The formation of a unity government was declared and it was welcomed ‎on the local and Arab ‎level; the USA did not give a clear position ‎towards the newly formed unity government saying that ‎it may deal with ‎the none-Hamas members. Israel said that it will boycott it and the EU ‎has the ‎tendency to deal with it.‎ On the ground the chaotic security situation is still dominating the scene ‎and acts of kidnapping and ‎belligerence against people and properties ‎especially in Gaza continue.‎ Israel continues in its policy to eliminate the Palestinian existence ‎especially in Jerusalem; Israeli ‎bulldozers demolished part of the Western ‎wall of the city and began excavations that, according ‎to specialists, will ‎not only affect the bases of Al Aqsa Mosq but also the general Islamic ‎identity of ‎the whole area of the holy sites.‎