Plant Production Unit

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The plant production farm consists of several plastic houses, nursery, open field, experimental plot, olive and fruit tree orchard. 1. Plastic houses: Three Plastic houses of one dunum each are cultivated with vegetables all around the year, thus providing an opportunity for the students to see and practice all the agricultural practices including; pruning ,training, irrigation , fertigation and pests control. the fourth plastic house is devoted for aquaculture using different techniques of hydroponic, mainly the thin film procedure, this is a new system which was established by the students enrolled in the training course in plant production, the course is compulsory for senior students. The system is computerized in which water inlet and fertilizer application is controlled. 2. The Nursery: It consists of 250m2 plastic house, this unit is used for propagating fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plants, it is also used for teaching the practical part of plant propagation and nursery course. 3. Open field: This area is mainly used to cultivate vegetable in both fall and summer seasons, as well as for training students. 4. Experimental plot: This a protected area for conducting research by staff and graduate students. In this plot, different experiments are conducted in different fields including; Salinity and field crops, crop evaluation, landraces characterization, reuse of treated water, and evaluation of cultivation methods. 5. Fruit orchard: the orchard consists of different fields of citrus, stone fruits, pome fruit and grape, the orchard is mainly devoted for student training within the curriculum. the purpose of establishing these orchard is mainly to train students enrolled in fruit tree course on the different training and pruning methods of fruit trees, fertilization flowering habit and harvesting.