Physical Exercise for the Prevention of Dementia (A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW)

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Lojain Abd-Alaal
Reem Kittane
Fatima Jarrar
Walaa Kittany
Sujod Akouba
Majd Abd-Alhalim
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Background: Dementia is considered to be one of the most severe neurodegenerative disorders and it can be categorized into several subtypes by different pathogenic causes and cure health problems, and it is a collective term used to describe different symptoms of congestive decline, like forgetfulness. It is caused by a number of degenerative diseases that affect the brain which cause steady and irreversible deterioration on thinking ability and function of the brain. Aim: This review aimed to examine the effectiveness of physical exercise for the prevention of dementia. Sample: adult people≥ 40 Y/O, with no cognitive impairment, population is random, will be included. Methodology: This research is an expletory systematic review of English language peer reviewed studies from 2010 to 2021 were (10) articles reviewed about physical exercise for the Prevention of Dementia, this include the review of the definition of dementia, pathophysiology of dementia, prevalence of dementia, the effect of exercise on dementia, a comparison of the types of exercise and their effect on dementia recommendation for the best exercise for the Prevention of Dementia. The research focused on two databases ‘‘PubMed’’ and ‘‘Google Scholar’’. Result & Conclusion: This review includes 10 article which talk about Physical Exercise for the Prevention of Dementia, and their effect on brain performance, and the summarization of all article centered about the ability of PE to prevent dementia. Depending in our research and systematic review study, we recommend Tia Ngandu et al.,2015 study, as a comprehensive program for preventive dementia disease in healthy elderly adult.