Characteristics of keratoconic patients : A study from Palestine

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Reem Ali Barakat
Ahlam Abu Samara
Areen Abu qamar
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Objectives:To evaluate the characteristics of patients with keratoconus, at An-Najah National University Hospital and An-Noor Center at Specialized Arab Hospital in Nablus\Palestine Methods:.A retrospective study , we reviewed the medical record of 505 keratoconic patients to extract the following parameters :sex predilection , age at diagnosis, severity of the disease, best corrected visual acuity and bilaterality of the disease at time of diagnosis Results:Males constituted 49.5% while females constituted 50.5% of the study group. The mean age at the onset of diagnosis for males and females was 23 and 23.37 years, respectively. Regarding the severity at the time of the disease onset , 9.2% of males; eyes and 10.7% of females; eyes had severe keratoconus, 24.8% of males; and 31.2% of females; eyes had moderate keratoconus; and 66% of males; and 58.10% of females; eyes had mild keratoconus. The best corrected visual acuity at the time of diagnosis was ≤6/60 in 2.9% of males; eyes and 2.10% of females; eyes; >6/60 and <6/12 in 17.5% of males; eyes and 19.10% of females; eyes; and ≥6/12 in 79.6% of males; eyes and 78.8% of females; eyes. 88.4% of male patients and 88.1% of female patients had bilateral disease Conclusion:Most of the population have mild ,bilateral form of KC at the time of diagnosis . No difference between genders regarding the age at the time of diagnosis. .No association between gender and bilaterality of the disease was found.
Palestine , keratoconus, epidemiological; age, gender, bilaterlaity, severity.