Challenges in Translating Thomas Wolfe's The Child by Tiger into Arabic

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Dima, Jarrar
Mahamdeh, Samah
Surakji, Laila
Attallah, Sima
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This study aims at reporting the translation problems we encountered while translating The Child by Tiger, by Thomas Wolfe from English into Arabic. To achieve the goals of the study, each one of the four student translators was assigned a number of pages to translate. Throughout the translation process, we highlighted the parts that we considered challenging. Then, they were classified into a number of categories, vis, cultural, structural, semantic, and rhetorical. The study clarifies that these problems stem from the fact that each of these two languages (Arabic and English) belongs to two completely distinct cultures, traditions and ways of using language. The study aims to make translators who may attempt to translate any of Thomas Wolfe’s stories acquainted with his style as well as the syntactic structures he uses in his writing; they can achieve that after attempting to read and initiate the translation of his works.
Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Languages and linguistics::Other languages::Arabic language