The effectiveness of aerobic and resistance exercises on quality of life, physical fitness and muscle strength among breast cancer survivors (A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW)

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Shahd Adnan
Rama Bader
Yasmine AL-Zraiqi
Ezdehar Thaher
Wissam fatayer
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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Palestine according to United Nations Population Fund) UNFPA (it has a highest survival rate comparison with others type of cancers, also it has a double the risk of decrease in physical fitness, muscle strength and quality of life. this research aimed to investigate the effect of aerobic and resistance exercises for survivors’ patients post chemotherapy or radiation therapy intervention for breast cancer and the side effects of this procedure by investigating the quality of life (QOL), physical fitness and muscle strength. we search on the 9 data base. The research is a depth review (collection of RCT’S). Sample size was 100 participants of women who had undergone of chemotherapy or radiation-therapy, -50 in exercise group, 50 in control group. We used 36 - item Short Form Survey questionnaire (SF-36) for QOL. The results showed significantly improved in physical fitness, muscle strength and QOL in exercise group compere with control group and there is a huge lack of knowledge how this type of exercise very important after the end of therapy. In conclusion, our review shows a 16-week aerobic and resistance exercise intervention is an effective and beneficial approach exercises type for breast cancer survivors also demonstrated significant improvements in physical fitness, QOL and muscle strength.