Design Unified Power Flow Compensator to Solve Power Quality for Maithaloon - Jenin's Medium Voltage Network

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دويكات, براء ايمن
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An-Najah National University
The increasing of nonlinear loads leads to evaluate the harmonics generated from devices because they can harm the quality of power systems. In the distribution system, harmonics cause many problems such as voltage distortions, increasing of line current which will cause additional losses, overloading and overheating, failure of some electrical equipment as transformers, capacitors, and motors. Moreover, harmonics may cause interfering with telecommunication lines. This research will be done on real grid feed Maithaloon area which has a lot of nonlinear loads like water pumps, stone crushers, concrete factory and many other non-liner loads, also many of distributed generators interconnected with the grid. The Maithaloon electrical grid (Jenin-Palestine) grid fed from Israeli Electrical Company at the far end of long distribution transmission line operated at 33 kV and have rated capacity of about 5 MVA, the penetration due to the DG’s connected either on MV or LV side on the grid is very high (about 45-50%) compared to the standard recommendations. The field measurements of the current at medium voltage side show a high and un acceptable THD level varies between (26- 46%). The research based on FACTS devices specially the UPFC which designed and integrated to the real model of Maithaloon electrical grid and operated as adaptive device in MATLAB simulation model to eliminate the harmonics, improve the voltage levels and reduce the electrical losses. The design of UPFC built using the multilevel inverter technique and the controllers used the vector control theory (d-q method), and the DC source either renewable, capacitor banks or batteries. The results after the operating the UPFC show a huge improvement on the voltage levels (from 29kV to 34.5 kV) in addition to a good improvement on THD (8-9%). Moreover, the reduction on the losses in the network was considered and calculated in details.