Face detection using machine learning

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Khalil, Sewar
Muslih, Atheer
Rashaydeh, Nasayem
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Face detection is an AI-based computer technology that can identify and locate the presence of human faces in digital photos and videos. It can be regarded as a special case of object-class detection, where the task is to find the locations and specify the sizes of all the objects that belong to a given class – in this case, faces – within a specific image or video stream. Due to the advancements in face detection technology, it is now possible to detect faces in an image or video, regardless of head pose, lighting conditions, and skin color. Face detection using machine learning. The goal of this project is to detect and locate human faces in a video stream and in a color image. The objective is to implement a Python programs used Open CV and laptop camera or USB web cam, that will detect faces in video stream and images, and identify the names of people in the picture or in the video. The method we used for face detection (Haar cascades, HOG + Linear SVM, or CNNs).