5G Network

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Salahat, Ghada
Hatim, Wejdan
Omar, Mena
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Due to the huge technology evolution nowadays, the world is moving towards implementing new advanced networks aimed to provide better services. 5G will need to meet very challenging requirements and cover a wide range of scenarios and services. The evolution path and the system concept of the 5G radio access are quite important for the successful migration from LTE-Advanced to 5G and the effective integration of key radio access technologies. The purpose of this project is to take a step toward clarifying architectures for the future 5G mobile cellular networks. In the first project focused on understanding previous generations such as 2G,3G, 4G and understanding some concept in communication system such as handover, modulation, fullduplex, beamforming and studying the fifth generation in general terms. In the second project focused on expected architectures for the future 5G mobile cellular networks.