The Role of Incorporating Elements of Material Culture in Palestinian Curriculum for the Enhancement of Students' Reading Comprehension from English Teachers’ Perspectives in Jenin District

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فقها, براءة عناد لطفي
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An-Najah National University
This descriptive study aimed at investigating the role of incorporating elements of material culture in Palestinian curricula for both primary and secondary stages for the enhancement of students 'reading comprehension from the perspectives of English teachers in Jenin district. To achieve this aim, the researcher developed a questionnaire and distributed it among the participant of the study. Teacher’s ‘gender, academic qualification, the teaching levels and training courses on teaching culture were taken into account. The research population consisted of (361) English language teachers, and the research sample included (190) English language teachers, (57 males and 133 females) with various academic qualifications. For data analysis, the researcher used, T-Test for Independent samples, One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). And Scheffe Post Hoc Test. The analysis suggested that the inclusion of elements of material culture in the English curricula offers a useful resource to enhance student’s comprehension. The results revealed that the respondents showed a great sense of positivity towards incorporating elements of material culture. And the results of the hypotheses showed that there is a significant difference at (α=0.05) between the means of the teachers' perspectives related to teaching culture and the total score of the questionnaire due to the variable of academic qualification in favour of teachers holding master degree. So, in the light of these findings, the researcher suggested that curriculum designers should enrich English curricula with adequate elements of material culture to evoke students’ reading comprehension skills.