The Effectiveness of Shadowing Technique on Improving 5th Grade Students’ Listening Comprehension at Nablus Directorate

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زيدان, سجى سعيد محمد
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An-Najah National University
The aim of this research was to investigate the effectiveness of using shadowing technique on improving fifth graders’ listening comprehension at Nablus directorate. The need to work on this part of language stemmed from the researcher’s observation of the obstacles and difficulties that learners confront when they have listening exercises. The design of this study is a quasi-experimental design. The population of the study is the 5th Grade students in Adel Zuyater Elementary School for Girls. Thirty students were chosen to participate in this research and distributed purposefully into two groups; the experimental and the control. Both groups had an equal number of students which is 15. The researcher prepared two instruments to collect the needed data including; pre-post tests and classroom observation. The findings of the study showed a significant improvement regarding students’ listening comprehension in favour of the experimental group. Moreover, in the light of the final results, the researcher recommended English language teachers to take the advantages of shadowing technique into account and use it in their listening lessons and with learners from different age groups. The researcher also encouraged teachers to use new techniques and strategies in their classes in order to facilitate the learning process. Moreover, they were advised to use shadowing technique to teach other language skills and sub-skills not only listening but also speaking, reading, and pronunciation.
effectiveness, shadowing