Report:Translating The Kiss By Anton Chekhov

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Sbeihat, Rami
Assi, Mahmoud
Odeh, Moath
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A glimpse on literary translation Literary translation is concerned with translating literary works for readers of target languages. It is very important for lovers of literature because this helps them to read various stories among different cultures, novels and other literary works. Literary translation is almost about translating life and the different meanings of life through naturalizing many works reallocating them to suit new cultures and life values. In literary translation, translators’ focus is on exchanging not only words but mainly meanings among languages. Literary translation: it is a genre of translation in which we deal with the difficulties inherent in translations of all fields; literary translators must consider the aesthetic aspects of the text, its beauty and style, as well as its marks (lexical, grammatical, or phonological), keeping in mind that one language’s stylistic features can be drastically different from perhaps all other languages. When we translate literature, we are writing literature, and the translated text must adhere to the highest standards of literary quality at all times. To translate literary works creatively and coherently, we should be aware of the linguistic and cultural aspects of both the source and the target language. Beauty of the text is very important and has to be maintained when translating literary works.
Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Languages and linguistics::Other languages::Arabic language , translation , idioms