The Influence of Group Work on Improving the 11th Grade Students' Writing Skills in Governmental Schools in Jerusalem

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Risheq, Nayira Basem Bader
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An-Najah National University
This study aimed at investigating "the influence of group work on improving the eleventh grade students' writing skills. To achieve this, the researcher used an in depth observation and a writing test. This was applied to 126 female and male students from the scientific and literary streams; study sample was divided into four groups. The students were from Al-Ma'muniah Secondary School for Girls and The Promise School for Co-education. The researcher distributed the writing pre test and post test on the control group and the experimental group, but only the experimental group was taught writing by group work strategy. One of the major findings of this research is that students in general have a positive attitude towards group work and have had better results after they were taught by group work strategy. In the light of this finding, the researcher recommends the integration of group work as a strategy for teaching writing at schools. Another recommendation was directed to researchers to conduct further research. Some recommendations were given to teachers to guide them how to apply group work strategy and to students to use it when writing. The rest of the recommendations were addressed to the Ministry of Education.