The Effect of Applying the Test-Teach-Test Approach in Improving the Students’ English Language Writing Skill in East Jerusalem Schools

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شويكي, سحر ناجح عبد العزيز
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An-Najah National University
This study aimed at investigating the effect of applying the test-teach-test approach in improving the students’ English language writing skill in East Jerusalem schools”. To achieve this aim, the researcher utilized both interviews with ten female and male teachers to investigate their attitude towards using the test- teach-test approach and to what extent they utilize it to improve writing skills, and a quasi-experimental study applied on 58 students in the ninth grade from Shu’fat Basic School for girls in East Jerusalem. 29 of the students constituted the experimental group that applied the pre-test as well as the following instructions according to the test-teach-test approach. On the other hand, the second group was the control group that applied the pre-test but continued to learn with the traditional way, then they applied the post-test. The results of the quasi-experimental study showed positive effect of utilizing this approach on all of writing domains except the use of vocabulary domain. Moreover, the results of the interviews also showed positive tendency toward applying it. In the light of these results, the researcher recommended teachers to utilize the test-teach-test approach in teaching writing in all levels of learning taking advantage of the available facilities. The researcher also proposed some recommendation to students, researchers, and the Ministry of Education according to the results of the current study. For example, students should not feel shy to ask for help from more competent peers or any elder person. Moreover, she advised researchers to replicate this study using other instruments and limitations.