Smart Shoes For Blind People

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Ibrahim, Shifa’
Nassara, Asma’
Ghanim, Sana’
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Our project introduced a new vision of inventions for people with special needs. We designa simple, cheap, friendly user, smart shoes andimplement to improve the mobility of both blind and visually impaired people in a specific area. The aim of this project is to integrate people with special needs into the community and build their personality to rely on themselves to meet their needs, so this project will help blind people move from place to a new place without any need of help from another one. The majority of previous projects that try to help the blind focus on the performance of the project without taking into account the aesthetic form of the project, but we worked on the compatibility between the needs of the blind and the aesthetic of the shoes that he wears. We design the shoe, so all electronic parts are contained only in the shoe sole, therefore the user can use this piece in different shoes; makes the blind person feel comfortable and reduce the cost of the shoes very much. The simplicity of using our project is that anyone of any age can use it, the user only has to say the destination via the android application, then moves depending on the vibration motors in the smart shoes. If the destination is included in the google map database, then the application starts to send commands of the directions turn by turn. If it is not included, the application sends a command to clarify that it is not existed. All these commands are sent to Arduino kit in the shoe via Bluetooth module. So the vibration motors which are connected to Arduino start to vibrate according to these commands, to give the user the direction, to move right or left or to keep straight. Also, vibrate when the application starts, when the user reaches the final destination and when the desired place is null. This project is very useful not only for the blind people; ordinary people also could use it when they visit a new place without having to look at their mobiles.