The Influence of Debate Discussion on Enhancing Secondary Students' Critical Thinking Skills and Academic Achievement

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عرار, منال امين موسى
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An-Najah National University
This experimental study aimed at examining the influence of debate discussion on enhancing secondary students' critical thinking skills and academic achievement for tenth grade in Jaljulia Secondary School, Palestinians 1984 in Israel. It also aimed at observing the relation between argument writing skills, reading comprehension skills as achievement dimensions and debate discussion as effective strategy in cooperative learning. The study applied Watson and Glaser critical thinking appraisal to measure critical thinking skills. Reading comprehension test was conducted to measure student's comprehension skills, in addition to writing argumentation to test students' academic achievement. SPSS statistical package was taken, one-way ANOVA test was administered, as well as classroom observation rubrics. The results revealed that there are statistical significant differences between the experimental group and control group in critical thinking skills, and sub skills (inference, evaluation, deduction) in favor of the experimental group, and academic achievement. In the writing test, results showed statistical significant differences in writing argument, and reading comprehension skills. Classroom observation showed increase in respect for the other team, in constructing rebuttal, and understanding of the topic in favorer of experimental group as well. Regarding these results, the researcher recommended applying debate discussion strategy for all students' levels in teaching practices. Additionally, she recommended conducting studies that deal with the sub skills of critical thinking and argumentative writing skills.