Internet Over TV Bandwidth

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Ahmad Antari
Ayham Odeh
Izzedden Habazi
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    Abstract   The Palestinian rural areas suffer from lack of wired and wireless communications with no or limited internet services provided to such areas. Therefore, we are conducting the hardware design and implementation phase under the project "Internet over TV Band". We will exploit the free frequencies that exist in TV band, which will enhance the coverage of the wireless internet, since the TV frequencies are lower than Wi-Fi frequencies, so it will penetrate obstacles and reach longer distances. In this project we carried out the design and implementation of the Local Oscillator, Power Amplifier and Filter. The local oscillator will generate a frequency between 1.6-2 GHz, which will be used to down convert the Wi-Fi frequency to move it to TV spectrum. And we designed the Filter to remove the harmonics from the output signal of the local oscillator. In order to enhance the output power of the local oscillator we designed a power amplifier to increase the power of the signal to reach the targeted value.  
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