GPS Data Collection, Transmission, Analysis, And Decision Making On OSM For Applications Of Practical Interest

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Abdalaziz Khalaf
Naeem Daraghmeh
Hekmat Ashqar
Mohammad Alshaikh
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 The aim of our work is to find the vehicle accident location by means of sending a message using a system which is placed inside of vehicle system.The purpose of this work is to find the vehicle where it is.Most of the times we may not able to find accidents because we dont know where accident will happen, in order to give treatment for injured people first we need to know that where that happenedthrough location tracking and sending to your related one Indeed, the number of vehicles  GPS-enabled On-board Unit has sharply increased due to their vital and beneficial rules for both the vehicles and the drivers, this project aims to build an open frameworkthat focuses on traffic and vehicular data for enhancing Transportation System (TS) efficiency in terms of  analysis and planning. The proposed framework consists of four main phases namely; userdata collection, transmission, data analysis and decision making.The main objective of the system is to provide security for the vehicle user and also detects the accident if occurred and informs the respective authority through wireless technologies such as GSM and GPS. Accident detection system is used to recognize the location of the accident and easily to reach the location.Statistics show that most of accidents occur due to violation of speed limit, so we are interested of reducing this phenomena by implementing a system based on GPS/GSM with wireless controlling system that track the vehicles by plotting the vehicle current location in termsof longitude and latitude coordinates which based on open street maps (OSM)  that have flexibilityin dealing with road limitation and are not digitized contrary of Google maps which don'thave theauthority todo so.          According to Ministryof Transportation,the seriousness oftraffic accidentsevery dayin the West Bank, as the number ofinjured anddeadin our countryas a resultof traffic accidentshave becometimesof what is happeningin some developedcountry.          The first halfof this year showsa lot oftraffic accidentsin the West Bankthat killeddozens of victimsand hundredswounded.Thestatisticsrecordedabout27 deathscaused by theviolation of the lawandnon-compliance withthe rules ofpublic safetyon the roads. Trafficpolicealso recordedapproximately46569traffic violation, inallthe provinces ofthe West, wasthe largest shareof the province ofRamallah and Al Birehin terms ofthe number ofviolations, which reached12654violation, followed by Nabluslogged9000violation, thenHebronwon the7177traffic violation. Thereportattributesfor communication and transportin the Westoverthe causes oftraffic accidentstothe deviation from thebehavior oftrafficas the main reasonforthe occurrence ofaccidentsbetween vehicles, which is confirmed byvideoclipsisspreadacross social networkingsitesdemonstrate how toincreasethe occurrence oftraffic accidents. The absence ofcaution andlack of duedistancesand the rightpriorityandfollow the trafficsignsandtraffic lights, as well as the wrongovertakingandspeedingtrafficandreverse therouteaccounted for morereasons forthe accident, and the highnumber of victimsthere.Thething thatmakes usnotsurprising, if we return one year ago, the number ofroad traffic accidents ineach province in West Bank in 2013 was totally 7,827 traffic accidents, thefigure below shows thedistribution ofroad traffic accidents. Since road traffic crash results from a combination of factors related to the components of the system comprising roads, the environment, vehicles and road users, and the way they interact . As a result, we chose this issue to provide frameworks that can be used to identify and analyze risk factors to minimize it as possible as it can, since it wasnoted that"rollovers"  recorded thehighestpercentage ofaccidents during2013, reaching  about49.6% of the total accidents, we take into account this type of accident in consideration in our