Outcomes of Bristow-Latarjet Procedure in the Treatment of Recurrent Anterior Shoulder Dislocation

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Saja, Omar Adas
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Operative stabilization is considered the usual treatment for recurrent shoulder dislocation after failure of the supervised rehabilitation program. Many types of procedures have been proposed for the treatment of recurrent shoulder dislocation with different long term results in terms of shoulder function and stability. In the present study we aimed to analyze the clinical and radiological outcomes of Bristow-Latarjet procedure in patients with recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation. Thirteen patients who underwent Bristow-Latarjet operation from 2002 to 2011 were followed up for 2-10 years. Rowe score for instability, physical and radiological examinations were used to assess outcomes. There had been no recurrences of dislocation after surgery among all patients, but two patients (15.4%) reported subluxation. Six cases (46.2%) had limitation of external rotation compared with the non-operated shoulders. The mean postoperative Rowe score at follow-up was 88 excellent (range 55-100).10 patients had excellent scores (76.9%), one had a good score (7.7 %) and two had scored fair (15.4 %). In conclusion, Bristow-Latarjet procedure is a good reliable surgical method for treatment of patients with recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation and is associated with high rate of satisfaction and good functional results.