Automatic Blood Type Determanation System

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Mousa, Aya
Oshebe, Farah
Shaar, Muna
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Blood type determination is very important step in emergency situations where there is a need for blood transfusion to save people lives. The traditional blood determination techniques require long time which may delay blood transfusion in emergency situations, and these tests are performed manually by laboratory technicians, which are subjected to human errors, and thus delay saving lives. This project aims to develop a fast, accurate automatic blood type determination system using digital image processing techniques. This system is very useful in emergency situations. To implement the automatic blood type determination, a blood sample is taken into test slide. An image for the blood sample is captured by camera then processed using image processing techniques such as thresholding and morphological operations to enhance the image .The next step is to use features extraction algorithms such as Object counting, SIFT, SURF and ORB to decide the blood type accurately. The project aims to implement these algorithms for blood type determination and compare between them to adapt the algorithm with the best results based on accuracy and time requirements