The Effects of Rashba Spin-orbit Interaction and Magnetic Field on the Thermo-Magnetic Properties of an Electron Confined in a Cylindrical Semiconductor Quantum Dot

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Rajab, Hanaa Sameer
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جامعة النجاح الوطنية
Based on the effective mass approximation, the magnetic properties of cylindrical GaAs quantum pseudo dot with parabolic confinement and cylindrical InAs quantum dot have been investigated in the presence of magnetic field, Pseudo harmonic potential, and Rashba spin-orbit interaction. The Hamiltonian of an electron confined in a Quantum Dot (QD) has been solved analytically to obtain the Eigen energies. The binding energy of the confined electron has been calculated and displayed as a function of various QD physical parameters, we have shown the dependence of the magnetic and thermal quantities like: magnetization (M), magnetic susceptibility (χ), heat capacity (C_v), and entropy (S) of the confined electron in the QD on: magnetic field, confining frequency (ω_0), potential strength (Uₒ), and temperature (T). Furthermore, the effect of Rashba spin-orbit interaction term, as a key parameter in the field of spintronic, on the magnetic properties has also been studied. The results reveal that the external magnetic field strength, temperature and confining frequency in addition to Rashba effect affect significantly the magnetic properties of the QD, changing it from diamagnetic to paramagnetic material in InAs material, while GaAs keeps diamagnetic at ranges of magnetic field strength. The behavior of the heat capacity and entropy are investigated as a function of external magnetic field and quantum dot parameters. Our result are in very good quantitive agreement with the corresponding ones reported in literature.