Greenhouse Monitoring Using GSM

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Maram Hassan
Asma Ghannam
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Abstract The system proposed in this project is Green House which is a smart technology to provide plants and trees the required nourishment from the sunlight and to prevent the same from the harmful effects. System components used are Humidity & temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor, Transistor switches, relay nodes for automatic control, and arduino to control greenhouse information. The system is implemented using low power wireless components, and easy to install . To make this more efficient a GSM has been linked with the system. A model of greenhouse is achieved .It was possible to do control plant growth through closely studying relationship between indoor environmental information and monitored information on crop itself. It is made possible to collect information and control effectively and automatically greenhouse in the site or from a remote place through GSM modem. As we said, the arduino is the heart of the system in greenhouse environment. It constantly monitor the analogue or digitalized parameters of the various sensors, verifies them and checks if any corrective action is to be taken for the condition at that instant of time. In case such situation arises, It will send an alarm messages to the authorized user and activates the device such as motors,coolers , pumps , sprayers , lights etc.  Water pump can be controlled by arduino unit with the soil moisture sensor attached to it. It will turn on the water pump when the soil moisture sensor detects the dry conditions in soil.   Humidity sensor is used for sensing the vapor in the air. The change in RH(relative humidity) of the surroundings would trigger the arduino to activate the sprayers.Temperature sensor can be used with the arduino to measure the temperature in the greenhouse. If the temperature may rises, It would triggers the cooling devices.Growing lights enable cultivators to extend daylight hours useful for winter and spring growing when levels of natural lights are low, and therefore can improve plants growth. The arduino trigger the artificial lights automatically when the surrounding natural light are low. To conclude , This project offers a design of fully automated greenhouse management system. From the experiment it could be seen that it is fulfilling all requirements related greenhouse monitoring. The automatic greenhouse sensor design could help in increasing the productivity of plants.  As it has been mentioned earlier, we are not only providing automatic control over the devices like light, motor pump but also we have a mechanism to alert farmers regarding the parameter changes in the greenhouse so that early precaution steps can be taken. Thus this construction, productivity of cropping can be continuously increased so it can handle famine problem around the world.  Thus we can say that the greenhouse monitoring system using GSM is far better than the same system using the different technologies.  Finally, The system could be developed by different ways such as sending emails when an alarm happens , or using different devices such as PLCs , in addition to measure the conditions that have been mentioned , other conditions may be included  like shade and  fire detection .