Difficulties of Teaching Pronunciation in the Perspective of Both School Teachers and University Scholars in Palestine and Suggested Remedies.

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Baidoun, Ibrahim Ali
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جامعة النجاح الوطنية
This study aimed to examine the reasons behind the difficulties of teaching pronunciation and the way to overcome them. Therefore, the data collection tools have been selected based on the nature of the explanatory sequential method, which consequently, involved quantitative and qualitative data. The researcher used two tools in his research, first is well-prepared interview questions to try to figure out the gaps and register professional remedies to improve the quality of teaching pronunciation for all the Palestinian local schools’ stages. In this tool, the researcher predetermined a group of university professors who are experts in the field of morphology and linguistics in various National Universities to hold face to face interviews with. Second, the researcher randomly distributed a questionnaire with 21 items over (102) of the English language appointed teachers via e-mail and WhatsApp on a national scale. The data collected were analyzed using (SPSS) to provide answers to the study questions and hypothesis. Means, frequencies, standard deviations, independent Sample t-test, and One Way ANOVA tests were used to come out with the descriptive statistical analysis. The obtained information was analyzed and showed that there was no statistical significance in the study hypothesis related to the Difficulties of Teaching Pronunciation in the Perspective of both School Teachers and University Scholars in Palestine and Suggested Remedies attributed to gender, age, years of experience, and education. On the other hand, the study significantly revealed the existence of both negligence and difficulties when it comes to teaching pronunciation. What is more, the researcher modified the domains of teaching pronunciation. The researcher finally proposed recommendations as remedies and presented them into four basic entities responsible for this gap, which will facilitate teaching the main topics of pronunciation if they are taken into consideration.
difficulties, pronunciation teaching proficiency, teachers' perspectives, remedies, segmental & suprasegmental features.